Dr. Phillip Durden, Fellow, AACP

Dr. Durden craniofacial pain fellowshipDr. Phillip Durden has achieved the status of Fellow of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain  (FAACP).

The term ‘craniofacial’ refers to the skull and bones in the face.  The study of craniofacial pain includes the assessment and management of symptoms and conditions that cause pain in facial structures.

As a comprehensive dentist, Dr. Durden’s treatment philosophy and training includes the diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint (jaw joint or TMJ) disorders (dysfunction or TMD), as well as  collaboration with medical professions in the management of orofacial pain, sleep disordered breathing and obstructive sleep apnea.


Each of the jaw joints works like a ‘hinge’ to move the lower jaw to speak, chew and open/close the mouth.  When one or both joints becomes inflamed or damaged, jaw joint pain can occur.   Patients that suffer with TMD often have a long list of related symptoms, including headaches, migraines, back, neck and shoulder pain, just to name a few.

Diagnosis of TMD

Like many physical conditions, the symptoms of TMD can take some time before the cause is identified.  Dr. Durden often meets patients that have been referred by medical doctors that are evaluating the patient’s chronic headaches.   After a completed oral health assessment using diagnostic imaging and jaw movement tests to confirm a diagnosis of TMD,  Dr. Durden will assist the patient with managing TMJ pain using non-surgical treatment.

Treatment of TMD

Treatment of TMJ dysfunction can include a combination of a special bite guard that helps relax the jaw joint(s), muscle stimulation, cold therapies, medications, pain trigger treatments, a soft diet and exercises to relieve discomfort.

What causes TMD?

The underlying cause of the TMD can be difficult to pinpoint.  It may be related to teeth grinding (bruxism) or jaw clenching habits that the patient may be unaware of, or, it could be the result of trauma or injury to the jaw.  There are also known connections between TMJ dysfunction and obstructive sleep apnea.

Watch Dr. Phillip Durden’s Introduction to TMJ & Obstructive Sleep Apnea Video


If you or loved one struggles with persistent jaw joint pain, migraine headaches, teeth clenching and teeth grinding, or other facial, head or neck pain, Please Contact Winterville Dental to schedule a TMJ health assessment with Dr. Phillip Durden.    We know that chronic head and neck pain is not ‘normal’ and will help you get the answers you need.

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Dr. Durden Appointed for Second Term as President of the GA Academy of General Dentistry

Congratulations Dr. Durden!

Please join the Winterville Dental Team in celebration of Dr. Durden’s appointment for his second term as President of the Georgia Academy of General Dentistry.  We are so proud of his accomplishment!  The GAGD serves its membership by providing quality continuing education to general dentists throughout the State of Georgia.  Dr. Durden will continue his efforts to help this highly respected organization continue to grow and support Georgia dentists.

Dr. Phillip Durden GA Academy of General Dentistry President

Dr. Phillip Durden of Winterville Dental addresses GA Academy of General Dentistry membership as President-Elect

Dr Phillip Durden president of georgia academy of general dentistry

Athens dentist Dr. Phillip Durden being sworn in as incoming President of the GA Academy of General Dentistry for a second term


Dr. Durden announces OsteoReady Dental Implants

Athens area dentist Dr. Phillip Durden is now offering OsteoReady™ dental implants.

Research indicates that 69% of 35 to 44 year old adults have lost at least one permanent tooth to decay, trauma, periodontal (gum) disease or a failed root canal.  And, by the age of 74, nearly 26% of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth.

OsteoReady dental implants are designed to be placed using a  minimally-invasive technique that can usually be completed in less appointments, resulting in reduced healing times. Dental implants can be used to secure a dental crown, fixed bridge, or to stabilize a loose denture.

If you are interested in learning about the benefits of dental implant care, please don’t hesitate to call the Winterville Dental team, 706.742.7000.  Our privately-owned dental office is conveniently located 7 minutes east of Athens.

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Dr. Durden and Jennifer attend TMJ Training

Dr. Durden and Jennifer attended a hands-on workshop recently to learn more about helping patients that struggle with TMJ Disorder (TMD).  Patients that have TMJ problems often experience frequent headaches, jaw joint pain, and can have a host of symptoms including neck and shoulder pain, migraines and even pain and tingling in the hands and fingers.  Please contact us if you think you may have symptoms of TMJ Disorder

TMJ Dental Athensathens tmj dentist .

Congratulations Lauren!

Our own Lauren has graduated from Dental Hygiene School – we are so proud of her!  Congratulations Lauren on all your hard work!

Lauren was nominated for The Volunteer Service Award at her ATC Dental Hygiene Pinning Ceremony

Lauren was nominated for The Volunteer Service Award at her ATC Dental Hygiene Pinning Ceremony

Seems like just yesterday this girl got into hygiene school and today we are celebrating because she passed her written boards!!! Way to go Lauren !

Seems like just yesterday this girl got into hygiene school and today we are celebrating because she passed her written boards!!! Way to go Lauren !



Dr. Durden appointed as incoming President of the Georgia Academy of General Dentistry

Dr. Phillip Durden GA Academy General Dentistry

Dr. Durden taking oath as an officer of the GA Academy of General Dentistry

Dr. Phillip Durden has been named as President-Elect for the Georgia Academy of General Dentistry.  This appointment is made by his peers for his commitment to the profession of dentistry.  He will serve as GAGD President in 2014.  In this role, he will be responsible for communicating with the national Academy of General Dentistry on state and local dental legal and licensure issues, as well as managing a nationally renowned continuing education program for dentists in the State of Georgia.  Please join us in congratulating Dr. Durden on this significant professional achievement!

Dr. Phillip Durden GA Academy General Dentistry

GA AGD Board



Dr. Durden recently attended professional continuing education through the Georgia Academy of General Dentistry.  Our doctors and our team are passionate about maintaining an active schedule of advanced clinical training in topics such as implant dentistry, soft tissue laser therapy and dental surgical procedures.